First time I’ve genuinely smiled in two weeks. I love you all… #Smile #NoMakeup #AuNatural #TheLadyInBlack #KeepYourHeadUp #TheBlackNoonaSpeaks
Getting the kids ready for their Easter egg hunt today…. #GottaLoveTheKids #ILoveTheKids #Easter #TheBlackNoonaSpeaks  (at Lillies Lil Lambs Daycare and Learning Center)
As a parent my heart is broken seeing parents begging officials please find my child. Meanwhile the captain didn’t bother to do anything but save his own ass. Yes he apologized but as a captain you fucking follow protocol. “The captain always goes down with his ship. To ensure the lives of his passengers and crew he makes sure they’re led to safety first.” Unfortunately it didn’t go that way at all. You left all those babies on that boat and not once did you bother to think about their lives or what their parents are going through. That’s pure selfishness and an apology will never justify the fact you left hundreds to die when you were responsible for getting them. What’s bad about this is that it’s not the first time this has happened. SMDH… #PrayForSouthKorea #SewolShip #HumanityIsGone #ImDone #TheBlackNoonaSpeaks

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